Mark &
Barry Ozeroff

Days of Smoke


Gold Medal for Historical Fiction, Military Writers Society of America

Praise for DAYS OF SMOKE:

“A riveting mixture of adventure and human drama, DAYS OF SMOKE roars across the page like a warplane in flight…an epic saga of love, war, and the human spirit.” –American Authors Association

"Mark us the indelible character of Luftwaffe pilot Hans Udet who, during WWII, fights for his country, not for winning a creation is young Hans that the reader quickly forgets that, in most historical novels of the period, Hans would be a faceless villain. Here, he's a stiff-necked young man...proud of his war-time accomplishments...and as equally prone to guilt over the sufferings the war inflicts on innocent civilians... Ozeroff's narrative skill wins the day every time." –Steve Donoghue, Historical Novel Society

"Here is an adventure story that has it all: heart-stopping action, a believable protagonist, a wrenching love story, and a moralistic tale set against the backdrop of war and the Third Reich. With DAYS OF SMOKE, Mark Ozeroff has written a winner." –Robert Gandt, author of INTREPID and THE KILLING SKY

"Read this book if you are a history buff looking for technical accuracy, a person who believes in the basic goodness of the human heart, a military man, or better yet, an aviator. If you are lucky, watch it on the movie screen some day." –Military Writers Society of America

“DAYS OF SMOKE is a tightly woven tapestry of adventure, passion, and raw human conflict. Keep your eye on Mark Ozeroff. This writer is going places.” –Jeff Edwards, author of SEA OF SHADOWS and THE SEVENTH ANGEL


DAYS OF SMOKE looks at war and Holocaust through the eyes of Hans Udet, a flyer involved from the earliest days with
 Hitler's air force. Across battlefields raging over much of Europe, Hans progresses from naïve young fighter pilot to ace of increasing rank and responsibility. But unfolding events pit Hans’ love of the Fatherland against his natural compassion for humanity, after he saves a young Jewish woman from brutal assault. As growing feelings for Rachel sensitize him to the so-called “Jewish problem,” Hans is torn between mounting disdain for the Nazis and his sense of duty to Germany.

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